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National Summary Data Page for Malaysia
Summary of key economic and financial variables over the last two periods. A Special Data Dissemination Standard (SDDS) requirement.

For the schedule of release of data, see the Advance Release Calendar.
Statement of Assets & Liabilities
Contains the official international reserves position, published one week after the mid and end of each month. (30/9/1996 - present)
International Reserves and Foreign Currency Liquidity
Detailed breakdown of official international reserves. A Special Data Dissemination Standard (SDDS) requirement. Published at the end of each month.
Exchange Rates
Daily noon middle rates for selected currencies. (1997-present).
Daily 3- and 6-month noon forward swap rates of ringgit. (1999-present).

Currency converter
Monthly Statistical Bulletin March 2012
A compilation of monetary, financial and macro-economic statistics from various sources. A favourite with the analysts and researchers. (1998-present. PDF format)
Annual Insurance Statistics 2011
Contains consolidated insurance industry statistics and abstracts from the annual statutory returns submitted by insurers under sections 85 and 87 of the Insurance Act 1996.
Annual Takaful Statistics 2011
Contains consolidated takaful operators statistics.
USD/MYR Interbank Intraday Rate
USD/MYR interbank intraday highest and lowest rate. Rates are obtained from the best U.S. dollar against Malaysian ringgit interbank highest and lowest dealt rates by commercial banks on the specific date.
Interest Rates
Daily weighted average of interbank deposit rates for various tenures. (1997-present).
Renminbi FX Forward Prices
Daily Indicative CNY/MYR forward prices for trade settlement.
Islamic Interbank Rates
Daily weighted average of Islamic interbank deposit rates for various tenures. (Oct 1998-present).
Malaysian Government Securities
Indicative prices, coupon rates, yield and remaining maturities of securities issued by the Malaysian Government. Published on the next business day after the 15th and end of each month. (1999-June 2005)
Government securities daily trading information . (2005-present)
Kijang Emas Prices
Daily trading prices of Malaysia's gold bullion coin. (Jul 2001-present).
FAST Issuing/Tendering System
Information on the primary issues of all instruments (securities and non-securities) approved by Bank Negara Malaysia and/or relevant authorities which are either issued on tender or on private placement.
Bursa Malaysia Indices
Daily closing value for FTSE Bursa Malaysia Indices. (Note: external link to Bursa Malaysia)
Department of Statistics, Malaysia
The source of macro-economic statistics (growth, prices, labour market, trade, balance of payments, population, and more).


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